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 ASORS, a comprehensive authorization system, is the central component of all payment card acceptance processes at more than 30,000 ČSOB terminals and also on its 3D Secure payment gateway in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The system forwards payment transactions to transnational card processors and optimizes bank card acceptance processes and costs. The system also provides data for settling transactions. The distributed part is represented by placement of POS terminals. The robustness of the system makes it possible to authorize more than 1 million transactions per month with availability exceeding 99.9 %. Primary business partners include ČSOB and several of its important clients in transport, e-commerce, the retail sector and firms operating fuel stations.

"ASORS is the digital heart of our card-based operations, both on the premises of our business clients and beyond them. It provides cashless experiences for the masses and enthusiasts of digital technology. ASORS is also applied in a number of additional services we provide (such as card acceptance aimed at increasing the effectiveness of payment terminals and enhancing the end user experience). ASORS combines user-friendliness and managing secure payments with additional services; hence it creates a system for mutual interaction between traders and their customers. Thanks to cooperation with MONET+ on a wide array of business and retail solutions we can bring unique services to the market, meeting the most demanding requirements of our clients."

Roland Katona, Acquiring & E-commerce Manager, ČSOB, a.s., KBC Group


ceska_sporitelnaThe bank's requirement was to equip a specific segment of clients with a security tool in the form of a smart card for electronic banking. The bank also required card deliveries that were sent directly to clients without them having to go in person to branches. The whole distribution process really simplified things for the bank, although it did not diminish any control mechanisms in place, including card life-cycle management through a central system for remote card management.

"The project enabled us to easily automate the installation of applications required for the electronic banking products Servis24 and Business 24, as well as facilitating an extended possibility to use a client certificate for alternate operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux. Deliveries were carried out to the required high standard and agreed scope, plus in the given timeframe. Support for their solution that administers the technical incidents of clients is superb."

Daniel Grinč, Electronic and PC Banking Team Manager of Česká spořitelna, a.s.


The requirement for security policies to access the information system (by internal employees as well as external business partners) led in 2005 to the deployment of hybrid smart cards supplied by MONET+, which are used for authenticating electronic signatures and handling document encryption. Everything necessary has been united sophistically on one card – permitting physical access via the contactless aspect and having a personalized employee ID card through personalized printing.

"With MONET+, accessing the internal environment and our external contractual partners has become more secure and user-friendly. Every security audit validates it. As they say – it's all about people. If the supplier combines a positive approach with expertise and organizational skills, then they always produce great results."

Bc. Dušan Drdla, Director of IT department of Pojišťovna České spořitelny, a.s.




Smart cards were supplied by us to enhance the security of electronic banking services, through signing transactions by clients for electronic payment channels utilizing the Public Key Infrastructure; the system comprised personalization, smart card readers and customized software components. Additionally, we provide regular support, repair and maintenance, and help desk services.

"The certification authority renewal process involved adopting stronger cryptography. It was necessary to solve multiple issues. One of them was the requirement for seamless client migration. MONET+ provided a solution which enabled automated upload of new certificates without clients having to visit the registration center."

Ing. Viliam Hedera, Manager of the Information Security Department


kbServices known as Můjklíč have been extended to electronic banking products since 2003, such as MojeBanka and ProfiBanka. For this project we used our CryptoPlus platform as a component of the PKI solution on the client's side, in compliance with electronic signature standards. SW component delivery included personalized smart cards and smart card readers, both for the clients and branches. Smart card based authentication was also implemented for the MultiCash product (Omikron Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG). Our firm provides distribution centre services to handle deliveries of all client-side components to KB. We provide regular support, repair and maintenance, and help desk services.

"Throughout the project's implementation, MONET+ has been a professional partner to us, a supplier of high-quality services. What is more important is that MONET+ has always taken a pro-active approach to resolving all issues. Its experts do not rest on their laurels but are looking for new ways and solutions in all areas of the services the provide."

Ing. Petr Kopřiva, Manager of Direct Channel Development and Sales Support


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mcd_zelenyMcDonald's has implemented our closed-loop SmartShop payment system for its Arch Card project. The system is provided via comprehensive outsourcing. Since November 2014, customers have been able to experience first-hand our technical solution at all 93 McDonald's shops in the Czech Republic. The SmartShop system operates on the platform of existing payment terminals.

"McDonald's is highly satisfied with the standard of cooperation with MONET+. We appreciate their pro-active, focused and committed approach. The project has been running seamlessly, and was implemented within the agreed dates. It is our belief that fruitful relations shall continue to develop with MONET+ in the future."

David Zítko, COOP Controller CZ & SK, McDonald's ČR spol. s r.o.



TT_logoSince December 2013, we have been providing TICK TACK (a member of the Student Agency Group) a closed-loop payment system via outsourcing. Thanks to our SmartShop system, TICK TACK taxi customers can, besides standard methods, use also prepaid cars or electronic vouchers.

"'I appreciate our effective cooperation with MONET+, the company which won a challenging tender of many rounds to supply a closed-loop payment system. I would be happy if more companies were like MONET+. They do not go back on their word. The services provided by MONET+ have proven to be very functional. I can highly recommend them to others."

Tomáš Novák, Chief Executive Officer of TICK TACK s.r.o



slovnaftIntense cooperation with Slovnaft dates back to 1996 and continues even now. Implemented solution enables payment and fleet card acceptance, but also operation of the tried-and-tested BONUS loyalty system at approx. 350 terminals available in the Slovnaft petrol station network. This is the largest and most comprehensive implementation of the SmartShop generic system. We have supplied over 650 thousand BONUS smart cards, which were produced in the certified personalization center of our company.

"Cooperation between our company and MONET+ has been on a very professional level since 1996. Deliveries and projects have always been made and implemented in a timely manner and required quality. Technological solutions provided by MONET+ are reliable in operation. System support has without exception been provided on agreed service levels. Expertise and good track record of MONET+ have proved in the long-term real operation."

Martin Kozár, Retail and Card System Manager, Slovnaft


ED_LOGOMONET+ supplied a closed-loop payment system to Express Deli in November 2014, via outsourcing. Our SmartShop system allows customers to use the benefits of prepaid cards at every Express Deli outlet.

"MONET+ implemented the EXPRESS DELI CARD project in a very short time. After approval, the solution went live within two months, so our cards turned out to be really EXPRESS! The project's solution, through comprehensive and assured outsourcing, was the primary purchasing argument."
Lukáš Nejezchleb, co-owner of EXPRESS DELI



Our solution for personal identification at betting terminals using smart cards has been in operation since 2005. The core of the system is CASE, which handles the remote authentication of clients, who represent the smart card holders. Indeed, the cards are personalized both electronically and graphically, including packaging materials. The cards are currently used by SYNOT Holding in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

"Deliveries from MONET+ fulfilled our expectations. Required components are delivered in the required quality and time. The supplier responds flexibly to our development requirements; they consult our needs and come up with solutions which reflect the latest technological options."

Josef Kočí, Product Manager, SYNOT TIP


kapschSince the electronic tool system was launched in 2006, ČSOB and our company have provided a comprehensive bank and fleet card acceptance solution for Kapsch. The central authorization center for fleet card acceptance (FCC) receives and processes payment transactions by fleet cards (such as DKV, UTA, CCS, Benzina, EuroShell, Routex, etc.). The center provides online authorization with the card issuer (or performs its own authorization, if applicable) and generates end-of-day transaction files. The bank card acceptance authorization center authorizes transactions made with bank cards. The distributed part is represented by applications of POS terminals at points-of-sale. The FCC system has authorized payments exceeding CZK 50 billion with more than 99.9% availability.

"ČSOB teamed up with MONET+ to cooperate on the electronic toll system in 2006. Since then, we have been through many changes and difficult tasks. Whenever we faced a new challenge, MONET+ came up with a solution that met our satisfaction. We highly appreciate their expertise and open-mindedness. We look forward to our cooperation in the foreseen future and on other projects."

Jiří Havelka, Electronic Toll Department Manager, ČSOB

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o2The solution implemented by us offers a tool for secure control of remote and local user access. It is intended for medium-sized and small companies.
The solution provides a high level of security. Users hold authentication tokens in the form of a mobile phone or a SIM card. The tokens generate one-time passwords for their user accounts. The tokens enable internal users to authenticate and encrypt sensitive data. The basic features include easy integration in the existing architecture, user-friendly administration of user data, and automated activation of mobile authentication tokens.


OrangeThe project implemented a SIM C.A.S.E.® solution enabling the use of SIM cards for authentication to additional services primarily not relating to the core business activities of the mobile operator, such as access to portals, authentication to the intranet in the operator's business channels (SMS, voice, data). The solution design enables the operator to offer these additional services to its customers.


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cssz"The PKI system is used to authenticate users in the MS Windows domain, and for secure communication between the offices of CSSA. MONET+ has built a robust infrastructure for certification authorities, relying on secure key storage (HSM). PKI integration in the Active Directory infrastructure makes it possible to use multi-factor authentication to access other applications (SSO). Smart cards are used to store certificates and to authenticate users in attendance control systems."

Ing. Pavel Šmejkal, Director of system, communication and technical support department



nkuThe aim of the project implemented for the Supreme Audit Office (SAO) was to facilitate the secure access of employees to the SAO network, in combination with their physical movement on the premises, taking advantage of electronic. Such secure access was expected to increase security by implementing two-factor authentication, making adherence with obligatory security regulations more convenient for employees, and enabling administrators to manage such access flexibly and effectively. The employees of SAO actively use the services of PostSignum, an accredited certification authority that issues user certificates for advanced electronic signatures as well as server certificates.


statni tiskarna ceninWe have been supplying personalization technologies to the STATE SECURITIES PRINTER, a state-run enterprise, since 2003. Deliveries include electronic document personalization technologies (e-passports - 2006, residence permits - 2011, electronic ID cards - 2012). In order to produce electronic documents, MONET+ has also provided special security systems, such as those for special certification authorities to enable access by fingerprint scanning, systems to facilitate a Secure Personal Code (BOK, Bezpečnostní osobní kód) for electronic ID cards, the secure storage of keys from certification authorities (HSM - Hardware Security Module), and the SPOC system (ČSN 36 9791), which exchanges authorization protocols to access biometrics data on electronic passports. We are also the supplier of applications for the chip on electronic ID cards and related middleware to enable operations with certificates and electronic signatures.

"I appreciate the very professional approach of MONET+ to implementing specific systems for secure personalization of electronic documents and systems of national certification authorities, which meet strict international technical standards stipulated by the European Commission and ICAO on the issuance of biometric passports. The systems developed and supplied by MONET+ are of premium quality thanks to the outstanding expertise of their specialists and high-quality support. That is why we have been running the systems for 10 years."

Ing. Karel Růžička, Technical Director



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zilinska_univerzita"We appreciate the pro-active and professional approach. MONET+ is able to respond flexibly to change requests relating to the contactless technologies implemented on the card, not only by making deliveries of hybrid cards, but also by modifying the card's personalization profile."

Ing. Róbert Orenič, Multimedia technology department, University of Žilina



masarkuv_onkoligicky_ustav"MONET+ has always provided an effective solution requiring only a few organizational changes. Theirs is a friendly approach with an excellent response. Monet+ has paid attention and helped to solve our problems, which did not involve PKI issues directly. Excellent cooperation with them still continues today. Their services function well. I would be happy if there were more companies like them, which are capable of close cooperation and take into account the customer's environment."

Ing. Eva Konečná, Head of IT department, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute