Solutions for retail companies Transaction systems

Systems for loaylty, benefit, banking and private payment card operation. Terminal applications.

  • Comprehensive solution for a payment and loyalty system
  • Special solutions
  • Personalization and cards distribution

Solutions for Enterprise security Secure communication

Systems for secure communication and reliable identification. Personal and professinal electronic...

  • Systems for secure communication and reliable identification
  • Client authentication solution
  • Electronic communication of state administration

Service and support solutions Customer Services

Quick and quality support, testing, solution implementation, consulting.

  • Service Support
  • Outsourcing
  • Other services to delivered solutions

Components and subdeliveries Supplies of components

We supply smart cards, smart card readers, terminals and other components.

  • Smart Cards
  • Smart card readers


The 10. year of Smart World conference will check immune system of digital existence

20. 8. 2014

The 10. year of expert IT conference Smart World under the Monet + lead is taking a place in hotel... MORE

MONET+ as a partner of the Slovak Bank Card Association (ZBK)

25. 6. 2014

ZBK associates banks and non-banking entities with an interest in the development of payment cards... MORE

Mühlbauer visited the company's headquarters MONET+

16. 6. 2014

Truck Mühlbauer Tecurity Express came to us with a demonstration of personalization solutions. MORE